Tales of Luminaria Gets Unveiled, Anime Project Announced

Tales of Luminaria Gets Unveiled

Tales of Luminaria gets unveiled via publisher Bandai Namco and developer Colopl, confirming the first details and media for the smartphone spinoff RPG.

While Tales of Luminaria gets unveiled with a bevy of new details like its 21 main characters, an anime adaptation titled Tales of Luminaria: The Fateful Crossroad was also announced.

Further, pre-registration for Tales of Luminaria is now available over on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

Here’s a rundown on the new details, shared during the game’s first livestream:

An epic Tale that unfolds from 21 different points of view. 21 vibrant protagonists meet, clash over opposing justice, forge bonds, and grow as people. Play through each character’s journey to reveal their motivations and uncover hidden truths behind world events in a deep, layered narrative.


Each of the 21 protagonists has a different purpose and distinct storyline in which they must follow the path they believe in. Despite frustrating challenges, they grow steadily, and confront them strongly!

Choose a protagonist and help them survive this turbulent world with utmost concentration ! You will also meet various characters you have never seen before, yet grow to love them deeply!

I’ll fight for my justice… And kill yours if I must. Long ago, this land was home to beasts the size of mountains that have now become petrified. Mana overflowed from their remains, drawing people who sought its power, and civilizations sprang up. People came to revere these mana-producing creatures, which they named ‘Primordial Beasts’. They built their lives around them. Thus began the worship of the Primordial Beasts.

Time flowed ever onward, to the present day… War erupts between the Jerle Federation, an alliance of countries who worship the Primordial Beasts, and the Gildllan Empire, which has enjoyed explosive development thanks to advanced technology. The fires of war burn ever brighter.

Federation knights-in-training, Imperial soldiers, and adventurers who owe allegiance to neither side… 21 very different people weave the story of their bonds, and the paths they forge through a turbulent age. Will their varying outlooks lead them to hidden truths about the world? You’ll have to play to find out…


In this world, prosperity is built by the “Mana” produced by the mysterious giant life form“ Primordial Beasts” that transcends human knowledge. The Federation, which regards Primordial Beasts as sacred and emphasizes coexistence with nature, depends on Primordial Beasts for the development of civilization.

Through this battle of conflicting ideas of justice, the thoughts of both enemies and friends are shown from various angles!


With cell graphic-like visuals that coexist with profoundness and beauty, such as a map with a sense of depth and atmosphere, you can freely explore a vast and alluring location! The game sequence has been designed to ensure that battles and events proceed seamlessly and at a good pace. Basic Attack /Technique/ Secret Mystery can be activated by tapping and flicking. Each action and operation system has its own characteristics, expressing the characters’ individuality!

Here’s some new trailers:

English Version

Japanese Version

The Animation Trailer

English Version

Japanese Version

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