Tabletop-Inspired Viking Strategy Game “Wartile” Gets a Major Overhaul

Wartile, a tabletop-inspired strategy game by Playwood Project, Deck13, and WhisperGames, just received a gigantic update to address many long-time complaints players have had since release.

The patch, dubbed the “True Viking Edition,” focuses mostly on completely reworking the game’s campaign to add a more coherent story. The campaign is now narrated by George Blagden, who played Athelstan in the Vikings TV series, and the cutscenes and narrative have been totally rewritten from the ground up.

There’s plenty of gameplay changes too of course, which mostly involve making the mechanics more streamlined and less esoteric than they were previously. You can read the full patch notes here, and watch a trailer about the patch above.

Wartile, which launched from Early Access back in February, is a Viking-themed strategy game heavily inspired by tabletop miniature games. Your persistent, customizable band of Vikings are on “bases” like miniatures, and battles take place on grid-based maps. Gameplay also involves a deck of cards that are played to apply temporary buffs on your characters, or to hinder enemies.

To celebrate its major overhaul, Wartile will be 40% off its usual $19.99 price tag until September 28th. You can find the game on Windows PC via Steam and the Humble Store.

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