Sweet Fuse – Where Boy Romancing and Bomb Defusing Meet

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Sweet Fuse is an otome (female oriented) visual novel by Idea Factory, and it’s being brought to Western shores thanks to Aksys Games. The game features a spunky female protagonist named Saki Inafune, niece to the legendary game developer Keiji Inafune.

Saki’s uncle opens a theme park – at the opening ceremony the sadistic Count Hogstein blows up the park’s Ferris wheel and takes the entire park’s management staff (including Keiji) hostage. He starts a deadly series of games involving bombs that must be found and defused.

In order to save her uncle, Saki volunteers to be in Hogstein’s games. All of Saki’s fellow participants are bachelors – who Saki can even pursue romantically, all while trying to make it out of the games alive. So the game is a mix of puzzle solving/bomb defusing and chasing after boys.

Here are some of the official features for the game:

  • Vast, Diverging Story – 14 different endings and a host of unexpected twists and turns allow for over 30 hours of compelling gameplay.
  • Stylish Art – Sweet Fuse: At Your Side is an experience that is stylish and easy on the eyes, with complex, eye-catching character designs.
  • Disarm Perilous Puzzles – Reach an epiphany and solve dangerous puzzles; the fate of you and your companions depends on your insight.
  • Unique Characters and Interactions – Blow your fuse or stay completely cool, the choice is yours when dealing with this crazy cast of characters.

This is the official trailer for the game, apologies for the quality as I couldn’t find a better quality video:

Sweet Fuse launches on August 27th, and if you preorder the game you get a swanky Count Hogstein necklace! Also, the game will be available digitally on both the American and European stores, so it will be playable on Vita.



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