Super Pocket retro gaming handhelds announced

Super Pocket

Blaze Entertainment has announced the first of their new HyperMegaTech brand – the Super Pocket, a classics-focused gaming handheld.

The new Super Pocket is coming in two flavors: the Super Pocket Capcom Edition and the Super Pocket TAITO Edition, as well as a very limited “crystal” transluscent bundle, via Fun Stock.

The Super Pocket Capcom Edition has 12 games from the legendary publisher and the Super Pocket Taito Edition icludes 17 games from Taito’s library of classics. Furthermore, each Super Pocket is compatible with Evercade cartridges, via a port on the rear of the handheld. This means Super Pocket owners can play over 500 games from the Evercade library.

Each console will retail for £49/$59/€59 and preorders are now live on Amazon (Capcom), Best Buy (TAITO) and other retailers.

Here’s a rundown on the new handhelds:

Many products in the retro gaming market at this price point often include five games or less and more often include home console ports of the arcade games. Except where noted, Super Pocket brings you the actual arcade games, so you can coin up to your hearts content and beat those games that cost you all your pocket money when you first played them.

The Super Pocket Capcom Edition comes with 12 amazing games from the legendary publisher including 11 arcade games including: Street Fighter II’: Hyper Fighting, Final Fight, 1942, and the home console version of the original Mega Man. All these games are pre-loaded on to your Super Pocket, and presented in a Capcom-inspired colour scheme.

The Super Pocket TAITO Edition comes with 17 incredible games built-in from the iconic game developer, including seminal arcade classics Space Invaders, Elevator Action, Bubble Bobble, The NewZealand Story, Rastan, and the home console game Space Invaders ‘91 and comes in a TAITO-inspired colour scheme.

The Super Pockets feature an easy to use User Interface (UI) that allows you to simply select whichever game you want, easily save or load a game and a variety of screen ratio and pixel perfect options for use on the bright IPS display.

One big feature of the Super Pocket UI is the ability to activate “Easy Mode”. A new feature that lowers the difficulty of games so that you can get past hard to master levels with ease, or so that a younger person can play without a challenging difficulty spike in the games.

The Super Pocket itself is small enough to fit in your pocket (78mm x 125mm x 25mm) and features four face buttons, a start and select button and a menu button, along with a new circular D-Pad, designed for the Super Pocket. It also includes four rear buttons for games that require expanded controls. The Super Pockets boast a 320×280 colourful and bright IPS screen, a 3.5mm headphone jack and uses USB-C to charge its battery.

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