Super Nintendo World Orlando Delayed Indefinitely due to Coronavirus

Super Nintendo World

The Epic Universe expansion for Universal Studios Orlando has been delayed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic, in turn delaying Super Nintendo World.

While Super Nintendo World was set to open Summer 2020 in Universal Studios Osaka, and Epic Universe Orlando in 2023; the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has cast doubt over all public events. Disney World drew ire for re-opening their park in July.

Now, GameRant reports that during a recently quarterly earnings call, Universal Studios announced that the plans for the Epic Universe hub were delayed indefinitely.

CEO of NBC Universal Jeff Shell reportedly stated “We are continually adjusting our cost base and capital, including pausing development of our Epic Universe project in Florida, for example, until the future becomes more certain.” The project had previously been pushed to 2024.

Epic Universe would have expanding Universal Studios’ Oralando park with popular IP including Harry Potter, Marvel, and the aforementioned Super Nintendo World.

GameRant also report that while Universal Studios Oralando opened in early June with safeguards in place, attendance was (in GameRant’s words) “substantially low.”

Back in May GameRant reported (from now deleted Instagram shots) that the Japanese Super Nintendo World was nearly complete. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ended the country’s state of emergency in late May.

In earlier news The Japanese Heath Ministry has discovered antibodies that can neutralize the coronavirus. However, a study by the UK’s King’s College London claims that those with immunity will lose it after three months.

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