Subreddit bans Genshin Impact art, says “she isn’t supposed to be depicted this way!”

Genshin Impact

A tame piece of Genshin Impact fanart was banned from the a dedicated subreddit, which featured a picture of female character Arlecchino and player character Aether.

Arlecchino Mains, a Genshin Impact subreddit dedicated to the character Arlecchino, apparently had moderators who took issue with people posting art romantically pairing the woman with characters she “wouldn’t canonically be with.” Here’s a look:

Here’s a full look at the artwork, which is from Indonesian artist Tian Kazuki:

Genshin Impact

Reasoning behind the ban on the artwork was listed by the reddit moderators:

This reddit moderator decision led to a person’s wholesome fanart being deleted.

The thread itself has since seemingly been deleted, but it serves as another demonstration as to how censorship-happy those of the “shipping fandom” can be.

Since that thread, it was declared that the subreddit is now under new management:

Here’s a collection of comments from Twitter users on the matter:

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