Studio Ghibli releasing Howl’s Moving Castle replica that actually walks

Howl's Moving Castle

Fans of the iconic Studio Ghibli film Howl’s Moving Castle are going to collectively lose it when they see this model of the titular wizard’s castle.

Donguri Kyowakoku, the official Ghibli shop, is producing the Howl’s Moving Castle replica, and it actually walks! It’s hitting stores sadly after Christmas, on the 26th, and will cost 22,000 yen (about $150).

All of the iconic castle’s details have been reproduced from its general patchwork theme to even small details, like Calcifer the fire demon that powers the castle, sitting in its mouth.

Calcifer even lights up when the castle is on, and various parts of the castle sway to and fro just like in the film while it makes its slow and somewhat unsteady walk through whatever environment you choose.

Howl’s Moving Castle was originally released back in 2004 and is loosely based on the Diana Wynne Jones’ novel of the same name. Its main story follows Sophie, a somewhat disillusioned young woman that bumps into the infamous Witch of the Wastes, who curses her to look like an old lady.

Sophie leaves her family and her hometown in the hopes of finding a way to break the curse – only to bump into Howl, another powerful wizard, and his iconic walking castle. The duo navigate through a wartorn world and eventually Sophie finds a way to save herself, and Howl in the process.

Here’s a short teaser of Howl’s Moving Castle in action, plus some glamour shots:

Ghibli boss Hayao Miyazaki’s latest film, The Boy and the Heron, just started screening in American theaters. While several movies were supposed to be “Miyazaki’s final film”, including The Boy and the Heron, he’s hard at work on his new film.

If you’re looking to throw down for the Howl’s Moving Castle replica castle, it goes on sale as mentioned on December 26th, via the Ghibli online store.

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