Historically accurate simulator Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty launches this month

Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty Strategic Mind Spirit of Liberty

Hardcore turn-based strategy game Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty is launching this month.

Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty promises to be a test of planning skills and strategy, set in the middle of a historically accurate simulation of World War 2.

Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty is set to release on August 28, 2023 for Microsoft Windows (through Steam). PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are planned for a later date.

You can read the announcement below:

Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty, a hardcore, turn-based, historically accurate strategy game set in WWII from developer Starni Games and publisher Hyperstrange, trudges through thick and thin on PC via Steam Monday, August 28, 2023.

Command an ill-equipped Finnish army desperately staving off Soviet and Axis powers through the Winter War, Continuation War, and Lapland War. Oversee squadrons, distribution of supplies, munitions upgrades, and coordination with HQ to control the battlefield. Relive the events of the past, or carve a new and unique route consisting of “What If” scenarios that will alter the course of time.

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