Still Hoping for a New X-Wing Game? Enemy Starfighter has You Covered


I fondly remember playing the X-Wing games and that Rogue Squadron spin-off back in the ’90s, getting my face melted off by their intense battle sequences, combined with the wicked joystick I bought just for the games. Sadly, we haven’t really gotten that many games attempting to capture the essence of that series since then.

Featured above, you’ll get a small tease at a game called Enemy Starfighter, which is helmed by the former Bungie gameplay designer Mike Tipul. The game is clearly blending the core gameplay elements of the classic games within the X-wing series, and the visual aesthetics and tactical strategy of the Homeworld series.

The game is in development by a modest team, and it already looks pretty spectacular. It’s polished enough for Marauder Interactive to be showing it off in a playable form at PAX East, which is next weekend. The game will even support the Oculus Rift, just in case you wanted to do barrel rolls until you vomit.

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