Steam Breaks Over 27 Million Concurrent Users Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Steam Thanksgiving

Steam has broken its concurrent users record- with over 27 million users online over Thanksgiving weekend.


As noted by SteamDB at this time of writing (a website dedicated to monitoring changes in Steam’s database), the platform surpassed 27 million users over the weekend. This was 27,182,165 on November 27th, and surpassed yet again to 27,384,959 on November 28th. Over 7.8 million users were actually in-game at the time.

PC Gamer reports this surpasses the previous record of over 26 million concurrent users in April of this year. However, the record for most people in-game still remains at 8.1 million in March 2020. PC Gamer also attribute the broken record to the Thanksgiving weekend.

As the younger generation helps their parents with any technical issues they may have on PC, Steam may boot up along with the system. The PC may then be left idle as families meet up, eat delicious food around the table, and share stories and cherished memories.

While we cannot be sure what the future for PC gaming will be, Valve’s Steam Deck may shake things up. While delayed to February 2022, it promises to open up a new way to game on the go, and possibly a new entry point for those who want to play PC exclusive games. Valve will also verify what games can and cannot run on the system.



Ryan was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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