Starbreeze to Publish System Shock 3 for $12 Million

Starbreeze Publishing has announced they’re going to publish OtherSide Entertainment’s upcoming sequel, System Shock 3.

The publisher will invest a cool $12 million to bring the game to “PC and other platforms,” much like their other publishing investment into Psychonauts 2, for $8 million.

Starbreeze will be able to recoup 120% of their full investment including marketing fees and costs, as well as seeing their share or revenues become 50% after the initial investment is recouped. It’s worth pointing out that OtherSide Entertainment will keep 100% of the rights to the System Shock 3 intellectual property.

System Shock 3 is currently being developed OtherSide Entertainment in the early concept stage, so it’ll be awhile before we see anything legitimate for the game. Series creator Warren Spector is overseeing the project, backed by a team made up of veteran developers from games like both System Shock and System Shock 2, Thief: The Dark Project, and even the original Deus Ex.

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