Starbound Heading to PS4, Vita

Starbound SS 1

Remember how we reported on Starbound devs Chucklefish gauging if people would want their Terraria spiritual successor Starbound on Sony platforms? Well it seems that paid off, because now Starbound is coming to Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita.

Starbound is a game very much in the same vein as Terraria, think of it as a 2D metroidvania/Minecraft hybrid. Every planet you can visit in the game is randomly generated, meaning no two worlds will be the same.

The gist of the story is that you play as a character who has fled their home planet, only to crash land on another. Your goal is to survive, explore and traverse across a literally infinite universe.

Chucklefish are touting Starbound as a game with a story within a sandbox, meaning you’ll actually have a reason to play the game for more than the amount of time it takes to get all of the best in game equipment and or resources. This is definitely exciting as that is one of the key problems I have with Terraria and Minecraft, so I really hope they come through with that promise.



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