Rumor: Star Wars Eclipse Won’t Release Until 2026-2027

Star Wars Eclipse Won't Release Until 2026

Another rumor is making the rounds that the recently announced Star Wars Eclipse won’t release until 2026-2027, as it’s hitting development problems.

The new rumor that Star Wars Eclipse won’t release until 2026 comes from another industry leaker Tom Henderson, who posted a new video discussing the game’s troubled progress.

While the game has been reportedly in development for eighteen months already, it supposedly has no playable build to date. As development is reportedly running into issues, sources are claiming the game won’t release until at least 2026 or possibly even early 2027.

Reportedly, what started as Quantic Dream’s ambitious space adventure game “Project Karma” was rejected by Sony way back in 2012/2013, only to be greenlit by Lucasfilm Games. Quantic Dream pitched the game to Lucasfilm once they finished their three-game deal with Sony, after the release of Detroit: Become Human.

Not much is actually officially known about Star Wars Eclipse, save that it’s a new action adventure game with multiple storylines.

Normally we’ll cover this sort of thing with a hefty disclaimer that all rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, however Henderson was correct with the original rumors for the game’s existence, once it was finally officially announced a few months later.

Henderson alludes to the real cause of issues with development – allegations that Quantic Dream has a toxic work environment for women and LGBTQ staff. Quantic Dream has gone to court over several of these allegations.

It’s worth mentioning nearly half of the video discusses the allegations while not confirming whether or not they are one of the reasons behind the game’s prolonged schedule, presumably from a lack of staff or new hires. It seems there is a legitimate concern of legal repercussions from Henderson, if any of the video can be construed as “fact”, hence it’s loosely presented as is.

We’ll keep you guys posted.

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