Square Enix and Tencent Form a “Strategic Alliance”

We have learned that Square Enix Holdings has entered a “strategic alliance” with Tencent Holdings.

It was announced today that “signed a letter of intent to create a strategic alliance between the high-quality content provider and the mega internet service provider.” The press release goes on to say Square hopes the alliance will “enhance its content services worldwide through this strategic alliance with Tencent Group“.

It seems Tencent may also aid in the development of the videogames as well. “Outcomes of this newly created alliance include the establishment of a joint-venture company, co-development of AAA titles based on new intellectual properties, the licensing of existing intellectual properties, and more.

Senior Vice President of the Tencent Group Steven Ma said “We have strong expectations for this strategic alliance with Square Enix Group, the alliance will enable us to couple our broad range of internet service capabilities to Square Enix Group’s superb creativity, and provide our customers with unprecedented content experiences on a global basis.

President and Representative Director of Square Enix Holdings Yosuke Matsuda also shared his optimism. “Tencent Group and Square Enix Group share the vision of utilizing technology and creativity to deliver unprecedented entertainment experiences and services to a global audience, this newly established alliance will be a strong boost to Square Enix Group’s strategy to diversify our content offerings and expand access channels to a wider customer base.

While more details will only come in the future once progress is made, it is more than likely we may see Square Enix titles on Tencent’s WeGame gaming distribution platform. As the platform is going global in the future, it is not hard to imagine some AAA Square Enix titles to help rope new users in would help break the ice.

The alliance also means Square Enix could have an easier time getting their games classified and sold in China. This would prevent the game from being blocked entirely, or even being pulled even after release like what befell Monster Hunter World.

What do you all think? Is this alliance something you think will benefit both parties and the consumer? Do you have concerns Tencent may come to influence the company too greatly, or even become its owners like with Riot Games? Sound off in the comments below!



Ryan was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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