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You never know who you might meet when you go on a business trip. Because of this, you should always be prepared to start up a conversation with those around you, well those who are interested in talking; please do not disturb your neighbors.

During our flight to PAX West, I met an executive of a software company named Lee Milazzo. As the flight was landing, I learned that his team was working on a project that would bring augmented reality utilizing an individual’s phone to music, gaming, sports, and hopefully a lot more.

Since then, Lee, Ray Shingler, and their team have explored different ways they could utilize their technology to make SpotFANS more impactful. But what is SpotFANS and what is the teams’ goal behind the experience?

Below, we will be sharing with you Spot Fans Mission to bring exposure to the Indie music scene. You read their Mission Statement down below. Additionally, you can read the interview we did with the creators of Spot Fans here.

SpotFans Press Kit

SpotFANS Mission Statement

SpotFANS, the augmented reality (AR) platform, is poised to revolutionize the indie music scene, providing an innovative space for independent bands and artists to forge global connections with their fans.

SpotFANS acts as the bridge between musicians and their audiences, centered around immersive AR concerts, delivering an extraordinary and unmatched music experience. Now, using your smartphone, tablet, or AR glasses, dive into the world of SpotFANS to elevate your indie music journey like never before.

Connect with your favorite artists in a way that transcends physical boundaries, immersing yourself in the magic of AR concerts that redefine how you experience live music.

Global Exposure for Indie Bands

SpotFANS allows indie bands and artists to showcase their talent worldwide. By Share Casting their live performances through the platform, artists can transcend geographical barriers and gain exposure to fans with a passion for independent and diverse music genres.

Direct Fan Interaction and Community Building

The platform facilitates direct interaction between artists and fans, creating a dynamic and connected community. Fans can engage with their favorite indie artists, provide feedback, and actively participate in shaping the music experience, fostering a sense of belonging within the SpotFANS global music community.

SpotFans Share Cast

Fair Revenue Sharing for Artists

SpotFANS places a premium on the hard work and creativity of indie bands and solo artists. Embracing revenue-sharing models, we empower independent musicians to transform their followers into a sustainable source of income, with direct compensation of up to $0.30 per follower. Fans play a pivotal role in actively supporting their cherished indie talents, fostering a mutually beneficial and rewarding relationship.

Global Merchandising for Indie Bands and Artists

SpotFANS opens doors for indie bands and artists to sell merchandise globally. With our AR Meta Store, musicians can set up digital shops at virtual concerts, reaching fans worldwide. It’s not just a store; it’s a global stage for your music and brand.

Fan Engagement with AI-Powered Share Cast™

Through our revolutionary Share Cast feature, we are leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in content curation. By analyzing user-generated video content, SpotFANS adds rich metadata and strategically places it within thematic Tapestry threads. Fans can immerse themselves in the energy and excitement of indie performances, all made possible by the cutting-edge combination of AR concerts and AI-driven content curation.

SpotFans Tapestry AR

Introducing SpotFANS Tapestry™ Technology: Craft Your Unique AR Experience

We redefine how users experience shared events with our Tapestry Technology. Tailor your immersive journey by weaving together distinct threads of video content, each representing a unique facet of the event. With Tapestry, you’re in control, curating a personalized blend of AR content that resonates with your preferences and enhances your overall experience.

Thread Options

  • Genre-Specific Concerts: Adjust the content based on the music genre, catering to individual
    preferences, whether it be rock, pop, country western, jazz, rap, electronic, or any other style.
  • Fan Excitement: Immerse yourself in the euphoria and excitement of the audience during the
    concert. Feel the energy as fans cheer and react to every thrilling moment.
  • Artist Performances: Showcase the central performances and special moments on stage,
    bringing you front and center to the heart of the artist’s captivating show.
  • Backstage Moments: Gain exclusive access to behind-the-scenes glimpses, artist interactions,
    and preparations, offering a unique perspective on the event.
  • Audience Sing-Alongs: For users who want to experience the joy of the crowd singing along with
    the artists, fostering a sense of collective celebration.
  • Light Show and Effects: Emphasize the spectacular light shows, special effects, and visual
    elements that contribute to the immersive atmosphere of the event.
  • Instrumental Solos: Include moments of instrumental solos and musical virtuosity, capturing the
    skill and artistry of the performers.
  • Encore and Closing Moments: Relish the final moments of the concert, including encores and
    closing acts, bringing the entire event to a memorable conclusion.

SpotFans Tapestry

How It Works

When you focus your device on a particular thread in AR, the selected content expands to fill your entire field of vision, providing an up-close and personal view. Move your device left or right and seamlessly transition between different Tapestry threads, exploring a diverse range of content tailored to your preferences – all from the comfort of your home or chosen location.

Tapestry allows you to dictate your experience, turning your device into a command center for entertainment. Whether you seek the excitement of the crowd, the artistry of instrumental solos, or the behind-the-scenes magic, Tapestry ensures that every shared event becomes a one-of-a-kind journey uniquely crafted by you.

Join the Indie Music Movement on SpotFANS

SpotFANS invites indie bands, artists, and music enthusiasts to join the movement that puts independent music in the spotlight. With a commitment to fostering meaningful connections and providing a platform for artists to thrive, SpotFANS is shaping the future of indie music experiences.

About SpotFANS

SpotFANS, developed by Flying Eye Reality, Inc., pioneers augmented reality social metaverse development. With a focus on immersive experiences and a commitment to fair revenue sharing, SpotFANS is dedicated to reshaping how independent music is discovered and enjoyed globally.

About Flying Eye Reality, Inc.

Flying Eye Reality, Inc., a pioneer in augmented reality social metaverse development, specializes in creating immersive experiences that bridge the gap between the natural and digital realms. With a proven track record and patented AR technology, the company is committed to transforming how people interact with the world.

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