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Earlier today we shared with you an upcoming project that looks to create a new experience for music lovers and indie music bands worldwide. The upcoming project SpotFANS has started beta registration on their website.

However, before funding any project, you should always look into who you are investing with and what their goals are behind the project. Curious about what Ray Shingler and Lee Milazzo had planned for the SpotFANS technology, we reached out to them with some questions:

SpotFANS Interview

1. Can you two introduce yourselves and share your background?

As the Co-Founder, CEO, and CFO of Flying Eye Reality, Inc., Lee Milazzo is a senior executive with extensive global management experience. With a mechanical engineering and systems background, Lee is a driving force behind the success of Flying Eye Reality, Inc. His leadership has laid the groundwork for strategic patents in augmented reality (AR) social space. Lee’s visionary approach has led to the creation of Flying Eye Reality, LLC, the parent company of SpotselfieTM & SpotFANSTM, establishing a prominent presence and brand in the AR tech industry.”

As the Co-Founder, VP, and Director of Product Development at Flying Eye Reality, Inc., Ray Shingler brings over 25 years of expertise and multiple awards in crafting cutting-edge digital solutions. His proficiency spans the development of online and mobile products, microsites for educational and commercial content, social networking platforms, and STEM video games. Ray is a seasoned leader in digital product development, focusing on creative direction, management, and gamification. His impressive track record includes successfully producing, managing, and launching digital environments for Fortune 500 giants like Intel, Cisco, HP, and IBM across both B2B and B2C landscapes.

2. How did you two meet (Ray Lee)?

Lee and I have been best friends since high school. Our shared interests and complementary skills laid the foundation for a lasting friendship and a dynamic business partnership.

3. What other projects have you worked on besides SpotFANS?

What knowledge or tech will carry over from those other projects? Were those projects successful? Since 2016, we’ve been pioneers in the augmented reality social space with the launch of SpotSelfie, the first AR social network. Through SpotSelfie, we’ve gained invaluable insights into connecting people and their social content in an augmented reality GPS environment. Our journey has been marked by innovation, and we currently hold six patents in social AR, a wealth of knowledge that significantly benefits SpotFANS. These patents and the experience gained form the foundation for SpotFANS, enriching it with cutting-edge technology and lessons learned from the success of SpotSelfie.

Additionally, Ray Shingler served as the Director of Development at a tech studio. In this role, he led the development of campaigns for both Cisco and Intel. These two award-winning campaigns featured an extensive video clip library integrated into early AI, creating dynamic micro websites. Visitors interacted with a tech concierge through smart video responses, offering real-time engagement based on their selections from the website. This experience in tech development and AI-driven interactions further enhances SpotFANS’ capabilities and vision.

4. What inspired SpotFANS? What does SpotFANS stand for? Is it an acronym?

Ray’s love of indie music inspired SpotFANS™. While not an acronym, it encapsulates our mission to spot and connect fans globally. Our music metaverse will connect independent bands
and solo artists with a global audience through augmented reality-powered concerts. It offers a unique platform for music enthusiasts to discover, connect, support, and engage with their favorite indie musicians.

5. With your Kickstarter for SpotFANS, what amount are you seeking, and what will backers receive?

Our Kickstarter campaign aims to raise initial capital, and backers will receive exclusive rewards based on their contribution levels. These rewards range from early access to SpotFANS, premium memberships, personalized virtual experiences, digital land, and more.

6. What events have been considered for SpotFANS?

SpotFANS embraces diverse musical events, including live concerts, rehearsals, backstage interviews, acoustic sessions, messages from bands or artists, and user-contributed content.
Our platform aims to provide fans with a comprehensive and immersive experience, covering various facets of the music journey. Whether it’s the energy of a live performance, the intimacy of behind-the-scenes moments, or direct interactions with artists, SpotFANS strives to showcase the rich tapestry of the music world. As we evolve, we look forward to expanding our offerings and continuously enhancing the diversity of events available on the platform.

7. How will you use the AI to tailor content to each user?

SpotFANS leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence through its innovative “Share Cast” feature, revolutionizing how users experience and curate content within the AR metaverse. The process begins with a meticulous analysis of user-generated videos, intelligently categorizing them into various entertainment channels based on genre, whether a gripping sports event or a pulsating concert.

The AI goes beyond mere categorization, diving deep into the content to identify specific elements such as backstage or sideline footage, fan excitement, close-up views of the stage, partner-supplied video clips, and standout moments in sports plays or musical performances. This granular analysis ensures that the user’s experience is tailored to their preferences, delivering a dynamic and immersive journey through the diverse facets of the event.

To further personalize this AR adventure, users on the SpotFANS platform have the unique opportunity to craft their vTapestry filter. This empowers them to curate and customize the type of video content they wish to include in their AR immersive environment. Whether focusing on backstage exclusives, fan interactions, or capturing the most exhilarating moments, the Tapestry filter allows users to shape their experience, making each event uniquely theirs in the virtual realm.

8. Is SpotFANS’ primary goal to give users who can’t access events they may not have been able to

Absolutely. SpotFANS is a bridge that transcends geographical constraints, allowing users to virtually attend events they might not have had the opportunity to experience physically. It democratizes access to live events, making them accessible to a global audience.

9. How do you plan to pitch this service to entertainers?

We plan to highlight SpotFANS as a revolutionary platform that expands entertainers’ reach to a global audience and actively involves fans in the experience. SpotFANS aims to create a symbiotic relationship between entertainers and their fans by fostering an international community and offering fair revenue sharing. We are giving the entertainment industry a new immersive channel to reach their fans on a micro level.

10. What price point will the premium membership be?

The premium membership pricing will be $5.99 a month, offering subscribers enhanced features, exclusive content, and a more immersive SpotFANS experience. The freemium membership will have a limited vTapestry filter and limited close-up content to events.

11. How will SpotFANS leverage their digital land?

SpotFANS’ approach to users claiming digital land will focus on providing a unique and customizable virtual space within our AR metaverse. Digital land is acquired through social tokens to gamify social interactions among users and content creators. Users can share 30% of revenue generated from any advertising placed in AR on their GPS-located digital land at events worldwide. The more you socialize, the more digital land you can acquire.

12. Have you met with any influencers or streamers to help promote the project?

As of now, we have yet to have direct engagements with influencers or streamers. However, we recognize the tremendous value they bring to the table, and we are actively exploring opportunities to collaborate with influencers who share our vision for revolutionizing fan experiences.

13. What else would you like others to know potentially?

We want everyone to know that SpotFANS is more than just a platform; it’s a community-driven initiative. Our goal is to redefine how fans engage with their passions, and we invite everyone to join us in this exciting journey. SpotFANS is not just about technology; it’s about creating connections and shared experiences that transcend borders.

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