Spirit Hunter: Death Mark 2 western release set for February 2024

Spirit Hunter: Death Mark 2 Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II

Japan-exclusive visual novel Spirit Hunter: Death Mark 2 has confirmed its western release is set for early 2024.

Spirit Hunter: Death Mark 2 is set to release late February 2024, for PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows. The previously announced PS4 version was dropped for PS5.

The PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch physical releases will be accompanied by an original soundtrack CD when purchased through the North American Aksys Online Store.

Here’s a rundown on the 2019-announced game:

Psychic Suspense Horror. A puzzle solving adventure game that gives you a harrowing sense of fear that you may be attacked at any moment.

A new horror experience while inheriting the past works. The game is based on the same concept as the previous games. The game offers a fresh sense of exploration by changing the perspective from the previous works, and a sense of harassment as you are hunted down by the new direction and system.

In the suburbs of Tokyo’s H-city, there is a private school called “Konoe Hara Gakuen” that has been in existence for 100 years. There is a rumor that every ten years, the dead blend into the school and spread a curse.

At the end of the summer, a student inexplicably dies in the school…. The police were not able to confirm the incident, but The police were unable to confirm the incident, but the tragic manner of death led to many rumors among the students that it was the work of the dead or that they were being summoned by spirits.

The chancellor asks the Kujo family, who have been involved in the school’s rituals for a long time, to clarify the situation.

The head of the Kujo family is a dull middle-aged man who is known for his eccentricities, but he is able to “see” strange things. In order to get to the bottom of the rumors, he begins an undercover investigation as a temporary teacher.

There, he experiences a horrible curse from the dead who are mixed in with the rumors…


  • Tag-team salvage – In this game, you basically investigate with a buddy (sidekick). The information and items you can obtain and the locations you can investigate will change depending on the buddy you choose. The game also includes RPG elements such as parameter changes of the main character.
  • Suspenseful Act – This is an option that occurs when you are trapped in a critical situation. The probability of success depends on the buddy you are with, the item you use, and the action you choose. It’s up to you whether you want to play it safe or try to turn the tables.


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