Spend 16 Minutes with Killer Instinct’s Ghost Girl, Hisako

Iron Galaxy Studios have shown off a brand new character for the Killer Instinct reboot at this year’s PAX East. [Editor’s note: they previously teased this character, known only as Ghost Girl until now, at the end of Aganos’ trailer.]

Her name is Hisako. Microsoft Studios have previously revealed that Ghost Girl is a 465-year-old Japanese character. She is an onryou, or vengeful spirit, who is “new to the lore, and represents a new aspect of the KI universe.”

Iron Galaxy Studios refer to her as a counter grappler, and she’s pretty unique as far as fighting characters go. Her offense relies on her ability to counter her enemies, so you won’t be able to button mash.

She has the slowest walk of all the characters in Killer Instinct, but a very quick forward dash. A unique “Wrath Meter” allows her to counter enemy attacks automatically when it’s full, and her low and high attacks also target the mid-section of the screen, which means she doesn’t need to worry about what happens mid-screen.

Killer-Instinct-Hisako 2015-03-09

She also has a ground teleport move called “Descent”, which lets her rapidly appear on the other side of the screen. Hisako’s most impressive move is her bone-breaking “Possession”, in which she enters the body of her opponent and contorts their bodies from within.

Hisako is going to be made available some time later this month.

A Microsoft representative has said they currently have “no plans” to port Killer Instinct to PC, but haven’t ruled out the possibility of such a development.

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