Fallout-inspired RPG Space Wreck hits full release in October

Space Wreck

Inspired by classic western isometric RPGs, Space Wreck is an upcoming title with a heavy emphasis in role-playing.

Space Wreck has been available for Microsoft Windows (through Steam’s Early Access) and will hit full release on October 10, 2023.

Something interesting to note is that combat in Space Wreck is 100% optional, meaning that players can get through encounters in many different ways.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Inspired by classic isometric RPGs like Fallout and Arcanum, Space Wreck is a hardcore role-playing game set on a desolate space station 20 years after a major conflict over asteroid mining. The game features an old-school tactical turn-based combat with action points, dice rolls, and grid-based movement.

Role-playing is the most important part of Space Wreck. You can become whoever you wish, playing however you want to. Be a smooth talker, a sneaky hacker, a brawling bully or anybody else – it’s your choice. In any situation, there are always multiple ways to deal with a problem. The approach you take is tied to your character’s skills and abilities – you’ll have to play to your strengths and work around weaknesses. Cannot convince someone to help you? Hack their computer and find something to blackmail them with. Or straight-up pickpocket them, and you’ll find anything a character might have in their inventory. Combat is 100% optional, so you can complete Space Wreck without killing anyone. Or you can murder every person you find – even the most essential characters. It’s up to you.

A typical Space Wreck quest will have from 3 to 8 unique ways to complete it. The game’s map is as open as reasonably possible (remember, you’re on a stranded spaceship!). Your approach to characters, quests and the order in which you complete locations will trigger different events and lead to different endings. In space, no one can hear you agonize over your choices.


  • Built on classic RPG pillars
  • Post-apocalyptic space exploration
  • Focus on role-playing
  • It’s okay to fail, there are ways to get out of any situation
  • Completely optional combat


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