Sony believes PlayStation 5 will break company’s annual console sales record

Sony Aims To Break Console Sales Record 2023 Thumbnail

Sony has put up their earnings report for the fiscal year 2022 with a lot going for their PlayStation brand, including sales of their current gen console: the PS5.

One milestone that they aim on breaking is Sony’s annual console sales record, with a planned shipment number of 25 million units during the fiscal year 2023. The current record is held by the original PlayStation from 25 years ago, which hit a peak of 22.6 million sales in FY98.

Sony believes this is possible due to their analysis of sales for the PS5 sales from the past year, which were ahead of expectations.

“Based on this forecast, we believe that 25 million units within this fiscal year is something that we think we can achieve,” Sony COO and CFO Hiroki Totoki said. (translated by VGC).

The sales for their current gen console have seen some struggles due to supply chain issues as a result of the pandemic, which began shortly before the launch of the PS5. With those now out of the way, Sony can certainly produce much more than before.

Given how sales have shaped up during the more constrained times, it’s certainly possible that demand is there to break their prior record. However, only time will tell if Sony’s goal is achieved.


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