Sonic Colors: Ultimate quietly releases on Steam to mixed reviews

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

Sonic cannot catch a break, as even his older games get retroactively judged, but this time fans have good reasons.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is the remaster of the Nintendo Wii version of Sonic Colors, it released in September 2021 for consoles across Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

The game also got a digital-only version for the PC, through the Epic Games Store.

Steam users had to wait quite a while to get their hands on Sonic Colors: Ultimate, so it was weird that the game just dropped onto Steam without any fanfare aside from a Twitter announcement.

Twitter users made their opinion clear on what they thought about the game, but the situation is much worse.

Despite being almost two years late on the platform, the game released with Denuvo DRM and still has a plethora of issues.

According to Steam user reviews, the game has low-quality audio, broken lighting, broken levels, long loading times, and audio glitches.

The page for the game also says that it is Steam Deck Verified, but according to users it stutters beyond being playable.

Two years later and the game saw no improvement from its original release, remaining a broken and bare-bones PC port of a game that already wasn’t considered good by the fans.

In case you misse dit – we do have a review for the game in case you are still curious about Sonic Colors: Ultimate.



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