SOEDESCO has acquired Spanish developer Superlumen


SOEDESCO announced they’ve acquired Spanish developer Superlumen, their next step into game development since they opened up their office in Madrid earlier this year.

In the last two years alone, SOEDESCO has published 7 titles from different studios, including three games from Cozy Bee games that are all releasing on September 30th of this year.  SOEDESCO are focused on continuing their push for one-of-a-kind virtual experiences on multiple platforms.

Superlumen has been around since 2015 and has already worked on over 70 unique projects, including the production of their own award-winning IP DESOLATIUM. They are focused on creating projects that feel unique rather than following any particular trends.

After 6 years of developing virtual experiences for prominent Spanish brands, we have decided to focus more on developing our own IP,” Superlumen CEO Juan Cassinello said. “For us, this acquisition means we can do just that, without having to worry about non-development-related matters. This creates more peace of mind and headspace for creativity. We are eager to work and learn alongside our new colleagues and create the best possible video games for our audience.”

Bernardo Hernandez, General Manager of SEODESCO Ibérica added, We strongly believe the acquisition of Superlumen to be a great long-term strategic decision. The studio has a talented and passionate development team, a strong brand identity and a lot of creative potential which we intend to leave uncompromised as we move forward. We’re looking forward to bringing new IPs and games to our audience in the coming years.”

We are excited to see what kinds of games and projects these two companies can work on together in the future.



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