Social media users upset VTuber Gawr Gura won VTuber Award

The ignorant western masses continue to lambast and deride simple things they can’t comprehend as a small handful of individuals have decided to insult VTuber Gawr Gura after she won an award.

The results of the 2023 “Streamy Awards” were unveiled, and it was disclosed that virtual YouTuber Gawr Gura won the award for VTuber:

Westerners who frame their whole lives around other real people were completely aghast that Gawr Gura could win an award over a degenerate streamer or brainless celebrity, with one or two people even resorting to calling her “AI”.

Others, despite using the Internet, were clueless as to how a VTuber could win in the “VTuber” category, while another group of individuals were more than happy to insult Gura for winning, calling her an “unknown”.

A sample of some of the negative comments and some insightful remarks, along with ones blissfully unaware of phenomenons such as VTubers:

Considering how rabid the Western VTuber fanbase is, it’s shocking that there weren’t threats of doxxing and more such harassment towards these individuals.



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