Social media “activist” offended by Japanese artist’s “whitewashing”

Japanese artist

Depraved westerners that reside on social media for likely inordinate amounts of time have continued to dedicate a portion of their lives to annoying Japanese artists once again.

The latest attack comes from one individual that implied an artist whitewashed Gerudo female “Makeela Riju” from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Things were fine and normal when a Japanese artist shared their artwork celebrating the females of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which you can see below:

Naturally, the usual social media art police came out of hiding to attack the harmless illustration by implying the artist “whitewashed” Gerudo character Makeela.

Here’s a post from one such user:

The image shared by the disgruntled user implies that the artist “didn’t use the right shade” to properly represent the character’s dark skin.

It seems the concept of lighting naturally is completely lost on such Twitter activists looking to be offended by any and everything.

Attacks on Japanese artists drawing harmless images are sadly common, and the attacks are usually carried out by ignorant Westerners.

A prominent example includes when an artist was attacked for “whitewashing” Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Nessa in their artwork. Many more examples of this have occurred throughout the years, and many Japanese artists were wrongfully forced to apologize.

Thankfully, the nonsense seemed to come from only a single individual, as most other Twitter users mocked this individual’s stupidity:



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