Snowbreak: Containment Zone announces new event featuring swimsuits

Snowbreak: Containment Zone Swimsuit Event Thumbnail

While summer time might be in the rearview mirror for those living in the northern hemisphere, Snowbreak: Containment Zone has announced their upcoming patch that’ll feature beach fun and girls in swimsuits.

The upcoming patch, called “Verdurous Holiday”, is set to come out on November 2, 2023. It’ll contain a new orange-tiered character with Mauxir – Shadow Ka and skins for her alongside characters Chenxing, Yao, and Enya.

There will also be new minigames during the event, such as fishing and a board-game reminiscence of The Game of Life.

Here’s the announcement trailer:

This event comes after the game was accused of censoring one of the characters skins in this current patch. They have also censored another character before that as well.

Some users on Twitter/X have already pointed out similar inconsistencies to the announced skins in this video compared to their artwork.

Others pointed out perhaps it could be a matter of inconsistencies from the developer switching between 2D artwork and the 3D model, and not one of censorship.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is available now for iOS, Android, and PC (via Epic Games Store).



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