Slayers illustrator Rui Araizumi accused of selling AI art

Rui Araizumi

Rui Araizumi, the iconic illustrator known for doing art for the Slayers manga, has been accused of selling AI artwork at this year’s Comiket expo.

Following the accusations this year, the accomplished artist provided proof that he did not make use of the growing technology.

After sharing the cover for his doujinshi that was available at Comiket 102, Araizumi was hit with accusatory remarks claiming he was selling a book full of AI illustrations.

It is said the accusations surfaced due to Araizumi making use of a different style than usual for his artwork.

Here’s a sample of Rui Araizumi’s work for the Slayers manga:

Here’s the cover of Rui Araizumi’s Comiket doujinshi that had many convinced was made through AI, due to the drastic change in style:

Araizumi shared screen captures depicting the process of him making the cover illustration as proof that his work wasn’t AI, along with a video exposing each of the separate layers:

Araizumi even uploaded proof for the artwork used on his merchandise, which were also available at Comiket.

This art was also being bombarded with similar accusations, and Araizumi even pasted a link for the pattern used on the character’s clothing:

Those who hurled these accusations towards Araizumi have since either apologized or allegedly deleted their comments.

Such instances of artists being accused of utilizing AI for easy money will likely become a more frequent occurrence as the technology further expands to become more and more convincing.

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