Slavic Action-RPG Leshy Now on Kickstarter


Polish indie studio Glivi Games S.A. have launched a Kickstarter campaign for Leshy, their upcoming action-RPG inspired by Slavic folklore.

The game is set in 2040, as human advancement and industry threaten to destroy the last remnants of Mother Nature. You play as a Leshy, a primeval nature guardian that must fight back against human expansion into your ancient forest home.

As a Leshy, you’ll have access to a wide range of powers and abilities loosely based on the creature from Slavic folklore. Some of these include the ability to shapeshift into wolves or bears, manipulating the environment with elemental powers, or summoning animal companions to help in combat.

There are three skill trees you can put points into in Leshy to further enhance your abilities and augment your playstyle. The Instinctual Path focuses on the Leshy’s shapeshifting and other animal-based powers. The Elemental Path is about the Leshy’s mastery over the elements and forces of Mother Nature. Finally, the Vegetal Path allows the Leshy to manipulate the environment by attacking enemies with the very trees and plants of the forest.

You can find a pair of early trailers for Leshy below.

Leshy‘s Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $142,751 for the game’s development. Excess funding will go towards various stretch goals, including better motion capture, expanded story content, and more in-depth cutscenes. Leshy‘s estimated release window is Q3 2023 for Windows PC via Steam.

The PLN 119 (approximately $29) tier level is the minimum pledge required to get a digital copy of the game upon its release. As with most Kickstarter campaigns, there are many higher pledge levels available that include an increasing number of extras, like beta access, extra copies of the game, artbooks, limited edition physical copies, soundtracks, t-shirts, in-game cameos, and more.

You can find a rundown (via Steam) below:


People will not hesitate to use every possible opportunity and technology to destroy your home. Show all intruders that this is your territory and your rules. Use the well-known environment and all other forest resources to dominate the fight against enemies. Find weak spots and use them against your enemies. Use all your powers to destroy your opponents.


The forest hides many secrets, and discovering them all is a real challenge. Dive into an immersive, Slavic world where many threads and adventures await you. Meet the many mythical creatures that inhabit the wonderful Slavic forest.


Learn the story of Leshy by progressing the main storyline. Moreover, you will have the chance to meet other characters, each with their own interesting story and theme. View the world from many different perspectives.


Develop your hero using a multitude of upgrade directions. Adapt your tactics according to the enemy. Choose wisely, calculate, stay one step ahead of your opponent.


  • Fast and satisfactory combat based on the player’s creativity. Each opponent is a challenge. Perfect your tactics and use the range of skills available to the hero.
  • Live environment. Use the powers of mother nature and take animal forms to gain an advantage in battle. Use all available methods, be creative, direct the enemy’s technology against him.
  • Unique character progression that provides a whole range of solutions to help you fight the enemies you encounter. Grow in strength by choosing from the various attributes of Leshy and stop the devastating expansion of humanity.
  • Multifaceted and immersive story that will guide you through the threads of Slavic mythology in an interesting and unique style, characteristic of this type of climate. The collective of colorful characters creates a well-defined and interesting world.
  • Vast game world – explore an ancient forest while discovering the secrets it hides. Meet faithfully devoted mythological creatures.
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