Turn-based storybook game Six Ages 2: Lights Out is now available

Six Ages 2: Lights Out Six Ages 2 Lights Out

Developer A Sharp and Publisher Kitfox Games invites players ready to enact the ancient myths to join in the storytelling of Six Ages 2: Lights Going Out.

Six Ages 2: Lights Out is now available on iOS, and Microsoft Windows (through Steam and GOG).

The storybook game will also be playable for those attending Gamescom at Kitfox’s booth (Hall 10.2, booth 91), along with Caves of Qud and the opportunity to meet Tarn Adams of Dwarf Fortress fame.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Life after myths. Death, disaster, despair.

This new installment in the Six Ages series is a stand-alone survival-storybook combining interactive fiction and turn-based strategy. The world is ending, and your small clan’s survival depends on how you manage its relationship with the remaining gods and their followers.

Managing your clan is complex, but may require you to:

  • Explore the wilderness
  • Trade with (or raid!) your neighbors
  • Settle disputes mundane, spiritual, or political
  • Improve livestock pastures
  • Make offerings
  • Build altars
  • Travel to the Otherworld

Whether you’re dealing with angry ghosts or clan policy, there’s rarely one “right” or “wrong” answer, because the deep simulation will make your particular situation unique. Remember that your choices have socio-economic impact, and your advisors often squabble amongst themselves, but some consequences might not be obvious for decades and could affect future generations of a character’s bloodline.

Your clan struggles to survive in the world of Glorantha, one of the richest, oldest game settings ever created, perhaps familiar from other games such as RuneQuest or King of Dragon Pass. This bronze age world is facing an existential crisis as it undergoes a transformation. Ten generations after the events of Ride Like the Wind, some gods have already perished and humanity itself seems to be on the brink of annihilation. Here, the laws of physics themselves are subordinate to the whims of the gods and spirits.

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