Sierra Entertainment is Bolstering New Indies via Geometry Wars 3 and a new King’s Quest Game

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Following the strange resurrection of Sierra Entertainment under the helm of Activision, we’ve finally learned what this new development is for.

Straight from Gamescom 2014, Geometry Wars 3 and a brand new King’s Quest game have been confirmed to be in development under Sierra. While Geometry Wars is being handled by indie studio Lucid Games, the new King’s Quest game is coming via The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom developer, The Odd Gentlemen.

The new rebirth of Sierra within Activision is a plan to bolster new deals with “edgy” independent developers, by working on innovative new projects. This will hopefully allow us to write about Activision more, as it would mean they’ll finally have non-iterated franchises coming out of their publishing network.

Sierra director of external development had this to say regarding the new prospects:

“Sierra’s goal is to find and work with gifted up-and-coming indie developers working on their own amazing projects or who are passionate about working on great Sierra IP. We’re in talks with a large number of other indie devs, and we can’t wait to share more details with fans in the near future.”

Not many details were revealed for the new King’s Quest game, other than it being a fully “re-imagined” take on the original series, according to Activision. There are apparently a number of King’s Quest fans within The Odd Gentlemen, and they’re taking every step to capture the magic of the originals, via challenging puzzles and thought-provoking narrative. The adventure game is coming out in 2015 for unspecified platforms, although they are citing Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Steam as distribution methods for their games.

Lucid Games is handling the aforementioned Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. The team at Lucid has handled a modest number of mobile games, the latest Geometry Wars being their biggest project to date. Dimensions is coming with a single player campaign, as well as 50 varying challenges, and 10 different battle modes. Due out this holiday, the title has no confirmed platforms, but Sierra is promising to bring it to “more platforms than ever before.”

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