Shapez 2 reveals first gameplay in new trailer

Shapez 2

Automation puzzle game Shapez 2 just got a new gameplay trailer.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus the new trailer:

Shapez 2 is a top-down factory-building game where you extract and process geometric shapes. Each shape is its own set of building-blocks that your factories can take apart, stack, paint and put back together in unique ways. Build and automate to produce distinct shapes and solve the production challenge of each goal.


Automate the processing of abstract geometric shapes into more complex ones by cutting, rotating, stacking, painting and more. Deliver distinct shapes to unlock new technologies and expand your factory’s capabilities. Learn, improve, rebuild and solve logistical challenges to design the most efficient shape production lines.

Build in multiple interconnected layers, allowing you to compact and optimize your factories in a whole new dimension. Improve your designs to get the most benefit out of every space platform built and massively increase your production throughput.

No Enemies

Shapez 2 is the purest factory building game imaginable – all buildings are free, resources never run out and there are no enemies or time limits. Prepare for a 100% factory-building experience: effortlessly delete, redesign and rebuild as much as you want, with no penalties, at your own pace.

You’re always in complete control – whether the messy spaghetti belts you built 4 hours ago could use some improvements or a whole circle factory needs to go, Shapez 2 gives you the tools to do it without limitations.

Massive Factories

Start your operation from a single asteroid and continuously expand by building new platforms. Unlock new layouts as you progress, and grow from a single belt into a massive multi-station space factory connected by space trains. Design modular blueprintable platforms to build on a massive scale, placing hundreds of buildings with just one click.

Performance is very important to us, and with the complete rewrite of Shapez 2 in a new engine, we’re doing our best to make sure that massive factories run smoothly – even with the all-new 3D visuals!

And More…

  • Multi-Layer 3D Factories: Design and optimize your factories in a whole new dimension
  • Trains: Connect distant stations with a network of space trains
  • Research Tree: Unlock buildings, mechanics & upgrades in the all-new tech tree
  • New Shape Mechanics: Discover new shapes types with unique properties and logic
  • Blueprint Library: Save, load, export and share factory design blueprints with anyone
  • All-new Visuals: Build factories and stations in a stunning immersive space environment
  • Fluids: Use different types of liquids to process shapes or boost production
  • Animated Open Buildings: See exactly what’s happening inside buildings in your factory
  • Undo/Redo: Up to 50 undo/redo operations

During Early Access:

  • Game Modes: Explore different ways to play the game
  • Mods: Expand the base game using mods
  • Steam Workshop: Easily install, share and create mods and blueprints

Shapez 2 focuses on being a beginner friendly title for those dipping their feet into the automation genre, while also having lots of depth for veteran players.

Shapez 2 will launch on Microsoft Windows (through Steam’s Early Access) at some point in 2024.

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