Sea of Thieves Guide – The Marauder’s Medley Part 4: Sunken Kingdom, Revisited

Sea of Thieves The Sunken Kingdom

It’s time for the fourth part of the Sea of Thieves Marauder’s Medley. This time looking back at the game’s most often forgotten content: The Sunken Kingdom.

This one is possibly the most difficult to do all the way. If only because the third challenge is to turn in loot and The Sunken Kingdom requires you to leave your ship unattended for possibly a very long time.

Hopefully we can take some of the problems out of it with this guide.

Sunken Kingdom, Revisited

Like all other Marauder’s Medley challenges, this one comes in three parts. Only one is required to unlock the unique rewards from the event, but the others give you a bit of extra gold.

  1. Deep Lore: Visit a Siren Shrine or Treasury.
  2. Aquatic Aggressors: Defeat 10 Ocean Crawlers or Sirens.
  3. Sunken Swag: Sell five pieces of “Coral” loot.

All of these can be done with just one Siren Treasury. While all of the Shrines and Treasuries spawn enemies, Treasuries are wave-based encounters where the whole objective is to kill Ocean Crawlers and Sirens so you’re guaranteed to hit the 10 needed for Aquatic Aggressors.

Siren Treasuries

There are three Treasuries in the Sea of Thieves (and plenty more Shrines if you prefer puzzles and exploration). For the purposes of this guide we’ll be focusing on the easiest and safest way to complete all three missions.

The three treasuries in Sea of Thieves are

  1. The Treasury of Sunken ShoresLocated in D-3
  2. The Treasury of the Lost Ancients: Located in H-15
  3. The Treasury of the Secret Wilds: Located in L-3

Of the three, The Treasury of Sunken Shores is by far the safest Treasury to tackle. D-3 is located northwest of Smuggler’s Bay and Northeast of Sailor’s Bounty. This means most pirates won’t otherwise have a reason to wander out there. But if you do get attacked by another crew while doing the Treasury, we’ll go over what to do.

Once you swim down, you’ll accomplish the Deep Lore objective just by visiting the Treasury. Now it’s just a matter of clearing the waves and collecting your loot.

The Sunken Kingdom has a unique mechanic where you can give your treasure to a nearby Siren Statue. This statue will hold up to 20 pieces of loot and can be collected from a mermaid on the surface. This way you don’t have to swim up each and every bauble you find.

This mermaid also keeps the loot safe. No one but you can collect the loot from the mermaid so if someone sinks you, just come back later when the coast is clear.

You also spawn in the Treasury or Shrine when you die, so if you get sunk, just keep doing what you’re doing. You can always go back to your ship later.

Overall, Sunken Kingdom, Revisited is straightforward but has the greatest potential for player interaction interrupting your challenge. There’s only one step left, you can get a sneak peek at what you’ll need to do next at our Sea of Thieves Marauder’s Medley guide.

Sea of Thieves is available for Windows PC (via the Microsoft Store, and Steam), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. If you missed it, you can find our review here (we can’t recommend it enough!!)



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