Sea of Thieves Guide – The Marauder’s Medley

Sea of Thieves Fifth Anniversary

In celebration of the fifth anniversary for Sea of Thieves, Rare has begun a time-limited event called “The Marauder’s Medley”.


The Marauder’s Medley is a series of five challenges with only 48 hours to complete each challenge. Those who do the challenges will be rewarded with exclusive cosmetic items which are making a return. However, you only need to do one to get the 5 year anniversary eyepatch!

Sea of Thieves Marauder's Medley Rewards

(Each event runs for 48 hours, beginning and ending at 10:00 a.m. UTC)

Each set of Marauder’s Medley challenges come in three tiers that are inclusive of one another. Doing the extra tiers just rewards a bit of bonus gold and Season Renown. Pirates only one challenge from each period will count towards the cosmetics.

Cursed Sails, Resurfaced (March 6 – March 8)

  1. Sharp Shooter: Shoot a skeleton ship three times with three cannonballs.
  2. Skelly Scuttler: Sink a Skeleton Ship of any type.
  3. Skelly Scourge: Sink three Skeleton Ships of any type.

The fastest way to find Skeleton Ships will be to join a session, check for the Skeleton Fleet world event, and then sailing to it. You can leave and join another session to hop servers until you find one.

Hunter’s Call, Rehooked (March 8 – March 10)

  1. Aspiring Angler: Catch a fish.
  2. Night-Time Nibble: Catch a night-time variant of any fish.
  3. Precarious Prey: Catch a Stormfish, Battlegill, or Devilfish.

It’s worth nothing that all three challenges can be done at once by catching a Lava Devilfish at night in The Devil’s Roar region of the map.

Tall Tales, Retold (March 10 – March 12)

  1. Bookmarked: Reach a Checkpoint in any Tall Tale.
  2. The Final Chapter: Complete any Tall Tale.
  3. The Write Stuff: Discover three journals during any Tall Tale.

If you’ve never done a Tall Tale, now’s the time to start working on your Gold Curse with The Shroudbreaker Tall Tale. The Shroudbreaker Tall Tale can be started at the tavern of any Outpost!

If you’ve cleared the Tall Tales already, The Fate of the Morningstar is considered the quickest Tall Tale. Just make sure you spawn at Dagger Tooth Outpost for quick access to Old Faithful Isle.

Sunken Kingdom, Revisited (March 12 – March 14)

  1. Deep Lore: Visit a Siren Shrine or Treasury.
  2. Aquatic Aggressors: Defeat 10 Ocean Crawlers or Sirens.
  3. Sunken Swag: Sell five pieces of “Coral” loot.

All three challenges can be done just by clearing a Siren Treasury. These are wave-based encounters so there’s plenty of Sirens and Ocean Crawlers to kill, and definitely enough loot at the end. The Siren Treasuries are located in squares D-3, H-15, and L-3. We’d recommend the one in D-3 as it’s in a remote location where you’re less likely to be bothered.

Sea Forts, Reclaimed (March 14 – March 16)

  1. A Hostile Reception: Visit any Sea Fort.
  2. Who’s in Charge Here?: Visit a Sea Fort and delete the ghostly Captain to claim the Treasury Key.
  3. Sea Fort Spoils: Open three Sea Fort Treasuries.

To make your life easier, signing in until you spawn at Plunder Outpost will get this done quick. Old Brinestone Fortress and Lost Gold Fortress are in the southwest corner of the map and in spitting distance from one another. You can clear Lost Gold Fortress, then sail to clear Old Brinestone, and by the time that’s done Lost Gold should have respawned.

Keep in mind this is only the pre-anniversary event! So there’s plenty more to come for Sea of Thieves as they celebrate their five year anniversary.

Sea of Thieves is available for Windows PC (via the Microsoft Store, and Steam), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. If you missed it, you can find our review here (we can’t recommend it enough!!)



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