Sea of Thieves Guide – The Marauder’s Medley Part 2: Hunter’s Call, Rehooked

Sea of Thieves Firelight Devilfish Marauder's Medley

It’s time for the second trip to the past for Sea of Thieves during their Marauder’s Medley event. This time we’re looking back at The Hunter’s Call, a faction of hungry pirates eager to make mystery stew and hunt megalodons.

The Hunter’s Call represents The Anniversary update from 2019. After the events of the Hungering Deep patch, Merrick and his family set up their own Trading Company to deal in fish and other assorted meats.

Like every part of The Marauder’s Medley, there’s three different tasks with increasing rewards. Luckily, for this one you can knock it out with one case of your line.


Hunter’s Call, Rehooked

The three challenges for this part of the event are:

  1. Aspiring Angler: Catch a fish.
  2. Night-Time Nibble: Catch a night-time variant of any fish.
  3. Precarious Prey: Catch a Stormfish, Battlegill, or Devilfish.

Now a clever pirate might have noticed something. If you catch a night-time variant of a Stormfish, Battlegill, or Devilfish then you’ve done all three challenges with just a single fish! Devilfish are by far the easiest to catch, but we’ll be going over all three types of fish.

Catching a Twilight Stormfish

Catching a Twilight Stormfish requires perfect darkness (there’s actually an achievement if you snuff all your ship’s lanterns in a storm at night so you can do that while you’re at it.

If your heart’s set on completing the challenge with a night-time Stormfish, you’re gonna need two things. Namely: night-time, and a storm!

Stormfish can only be caught while inside a storm. You’ll know you’re deep enough in the storm because your bell will start ringing. Once you’re in a storm, do your best to stay in it until night-time in-game.

Now just add a leech to your rod and cast away. Make sure to pull your rod back if you attract a Splashtail, they’ll waste your bait.

Leeches can be found in barrels, or dug up along shorelines.

Catching a Bittersweet Battlegill

Arguably harder than a Stormfish, catching a Battlegill has its own set of requirements. Instead of a storm, you need to be fishing in the vicinity of an active Skeleton Fort or Skeleton Fleet World Event.

It’s a bit less hassle than navigating a storm, but you need a bit of luck for the right kind of World Event to be on your server. Not to mention you run the risk of wild skeletons trying to shoot you while you’re channeling your inner pro angler.

Bittersweet Battlegills, like all night-time variants also require it to be night time. Battlegills also require grubs as bait so make sure you have a few.

Grubs can be found in barrels or dug up in sandy soil that isn’t along the shore.

Catching a Firelight Devilfish

The easiest of the three; you don’t need a storm, or to sail into a World Event. You just need some grubs and to sail to the eastern edge of the map.

The aptly named Devilfish are caught exclusively in the Devil’s Roar. You’ll know you’re in the right area when the sky and sea take on a slightly orange tint and there’s volcanos nearby. Keep sailing east passed Kraken’s Fall and Ancient Spire Outpost and you’ll be there before you know it.

Like all night-time variants, Firelight Devilfish require you to cast your line at night. You’ll also need some grubs as bait.

Grubs can be found in barrels or dug up in sandy soil that isn’t along the shore.

With any luck, you’ll be able to do all three challenges in one fish! Now that that’s over with, you can get a sneak peek at what you’ll need to do next at our Sea of Thieves Marauder’s Medley guide.

Sea of Thieves is available for Windows PC (via the Microsoft Store, and Steam), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. If you missed it, you can find our review here (we can’t recommend it enough!!)



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