SD Shin Kamen Rider Rumble announced, new sidescrolling beat ’em up

SD Shin Kamen Rider Rumble

Bandai Namco has announced SD Shin Kamen Rider Rumble, a new beat ’em up showcasing Kamen Rider battling SHOCKER.

The new sidescrolling beat ’em up game based on the popular Kamen Rider franchise is coming to Windows PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch. A release date for SD Shin Kamen Rider Rumble is set for March 23.

An English-language version will be available in Asia alongside the Japanese release. Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its first trailer:

SD Shin Kamen Rider Rumble

SD Shin Kamen Rider Rumble is a belt-scrolling/hack-and-slash action game based on the movie “Shin Kamen Rider,” which will be released in March 2023.

This title will also be available as an early purchase/pre-order bonus for the packaged version and as a bonus for the downloadable version with the “Can Badge,” a reinforced item equipment that can be used in the game.

The main character, Takeru Hongo, continues to challenge himself no matter how many times he falls in order to protect human dignity.

The movie “Shin Kamen Rider” is now available as an action game that combines hack-and-slash and belt-scroll action. While the fierce battles between the Masked Rider and the SHOCKER remain unchanged, you can enjoy the friendly SD visuals, the deep reinforcement system with various power-ups, and the exhilarating Masked Rider-like action as you slay dozens of members at a time.

Will you be able to protect human dignity with the Masked Rider, who keeps getting back up no matter how many times he falls? Please enjoy SD Shin Kamen Rider Rumble with its nostalgic expression.

SD Shin Kamen Rider Rumble Features

  • Enjoy exhilarating Ikkitousen action – There are a total of 6 types of SHOCKER lower class members in the regular stages. Enemies with various attacks and stage gimmicks will refuse to let you go. Enjoy the exhilarating one-on-one combat action by carefully choosing who to attack.
  • Tense Boss Battles – The appeal of this title lies in the challenging battles against the advanced SHOCKER members that await you as stage bosses. Read the enemy’s attacks and strike at them without missing a moment’s opportunity.
  • Masked Rider rises up no matter how many times he falls down – Even if you fall down in the middle of the road, you can strengthen yourself and the Cyclone-go with the items you brought back and try again. By strengthening the Cyclone-go, the player can skip the cleared stages, acquire reinforced items, and advance the battle to an advantageous stage.

What is the “Shin Kamen Rider” movie?

The “Shin Kamen Rider” movie will be released in March 2023. While respecting its “origin”, the production of this new original work was announced for April 3, 2021, the 50th anniversary of its birth. The film will be written and directed by Hideaki Anno, who continues to deliver blockbuster hits. The hero, Takeru Hongo/Masked Rider, will be played by Sousuke Ikematsu, who has a unique presence in Japanese cinema, the heroine, Ruriko Midorikawa, will be played by Mina Hamabe, whose career in TV and movies continues unabated, and Hayato Ichimonji/Masked Rider #2 will be played by Tasuku Emoto, who plays a role full of personality with ease. The best cast and crew in Japan today have poured their hearts and souls into the creation of “Shin Masked Rider. We live in a confusing world where the boundary between good and evil has melted away, and the only man who is still needed and who can be believed in now is about to arrive.

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