Screenshots And New Details Emerge For Deck 13’s ARPG The Surge

Revealed last summer, Deck 13 and Focus Home Interactive’s new arpg The Surge didn’t show fans much more than just a teaser image and a name. That changed today with the publisher releasing the game’s first two in-game screenshots and a short run down of what the game’s combat will play like.

While the screenshots do a nice job in showing off the science fiction aesthetic, it’s the description of the game’s combat that piqued my own interest.

Apparently, you are a human who wears a mechanical exo-skeleton and you must upgrade your abilities by attaching new pieces to its frame. To help with that, you are given the ability to target the individual limbs of your enemies, and each of the severed limbs can then be attached to your own exo-skeleton. The degree of power an enemy limb has will correlate directly with how hard it is to sever from them, so if you want that ultra rare set of arms that gives you the exact power your build needs, you’ll need to do some heavy cutting to get it.

Story-wise, the game is said to take place in a futuristic dystopia that has been laid to waste by uncontrolled technological progression, causing widespread environmental pollution and contributing to an “overly decadent civilization”.

We’ll keep you posted when any new content is shown for The Surge. Until then, you can check the game’s official website.

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