Say hello to our new consultants: Glucose Infant

Glucose Infant

As part of our ongoing rebrand to Nice Gamer, we decided it was time to elevate voices from people who aren’t often heard in the gaming community: People who don’t play video games.

For too long, gaming discourse and business decisions has been made by and for people with at least a passing understanding of video games. But consider this, how many people in the world don’t play video games? How many people actively dislike video games? It’s an untapped market in the games industry and surely nothing can go wrong by drawing in this new crowd.

To that end, we’ve partnered with Glucose Infant, a narrative consulting company staffed entirely by people who don’t play video games! Don’t believe us? Here’s some statements from their CEO.

“I played Minesweeper once and realized how insensitive it was to Bosnians who still have to deal with active minefields. Obviously any normal person would catch this correlation and how it causes real world harm. The problem is that “Gamers” don’t live in the real world, so it’s up to us to tell them.” – Glucose Infant CEO Mike Philly

Glucose Infant is able to see the potential in gaming technology and how it could be repurposed for more productive work.

“I was banned from Roblox forums for talking about politics. Gamers don’t seem to realize that this social media platforms they’re using for gaming could be repurposed for social messaging and Minions memes. What a waste.” – Glucose Infant COO Dean Bedhead

While we continue our transition to Nice Gamer, we’ll be focusing more on how we can utilize gaming spaces to spread our brand’s positive social messaging and away from actual gaming. We’re so glad you’ll continue to support Nice Gamer in this change.

We understand not everyone will support Nice Gamer and Glucose Infant, and we’re sorry to see you go. We value your input so if you could just visit this link and provide us with your full name and address, we promise we won’t use this info to mass flag your Steam account and social media.


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