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Samurai Bringer

Samurai Bringer is an incremental roguelike RPG where you play as Susanoo, the god of storms. Your mission is to rescue a maiden from being sacrificed to the Yamata-no-Orochi, a massive snake deity.

Samurai Bringer pulls a lot from Japanese mythology; a lot of gods and creatures from Japanese folklore can be found in the game, but it also sneaks in real-life historical figures. In the game you will face both mythical beasts as well as real-life Samurai, like Hattori Hanzo, Date Masamune and more.

You can read some more about Samurai Bringer below:

Samurai Bringer is a roguelite action game with levels which change with every playthrough, where you cut down hordes of Samurai and Demons to collect combat techniques and polish your fighting style in order to defeat Yamata-no-Orochi, the eight-headed dragon of Japanese mythology.

Regain your divine power and challenge Yamata-no-Orochi

Susanoo, a powerful deity, challenged Yamata-no-Orochi to save Kushinada, who was to be sacrificed to the dragon. However, he was bested by the dragon and his power was taken from him.Cast down to the land of Nakatsukuni, now he must fight a multitude of samurai and demons summoned from across space and time to regain his lost strength…

Mix and match combat techniques to create your own fighting style

Defeat the advancing hordes of samurai and demons to obtain Combat Scrolls.Techniques such as slice, thrust and jump can be equipped to change the way you attack.
Furthermore, you can create your own loadouts with Combat Techniques to create your very own combat style.
From spinning slashes to fire attacks and even combos to chain your attacks together. Build up your own fighting style for a combat experience unique to you.

Defeat over 100 legendary Japanese warriors

Over 100 legendary warriors from Japanese legend and history including Oda Nobunaga, Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura will be summoned to stand against you.Defeating them will reward you with their weapons and armor imbued with various status boosting effects.
Donning this armor will not only give you an advantage in battle, but also add a little style to your loadout too.

Accumulate experience and strength through defeat

Levels are procedurally generated, with enemy placements and type being different every time, which also means different Combat scrolls for you to collect.Falling in battle does not mean you lose everything, so keep building up your loadout and fighting style until Susanoo regains his lost strength.
Prepare yourself by creating a versatile loadout to deal with various combat situations and aim to bring down the mighty eight-headed dragon, Yamata-no-Orochi.

The most unique feature in Samurai Bringer is the combo-building system. Similar to games like God Hand and Remember Me, Samurai Bringer lets you build your character exactly how you want it, customizing their attacks and more.

The player gets to combine their attacks to make unique moves, and has full control over what goes in their combo chains, as well as what elements will be attached to it. There are a lot of properties to build from, and it feels like the melee version of the wand-building system from Noita.

You can watch me play some of Samurai Bringer below:

Samurai Bringer is available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

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