Russia bans LGBT “propaganda” in games, film, TV for all citizens


Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has signed into law a new expansion of their existing ban on “LGBT propaganda,” making it illegal for all, not just minors.

Under the new expansion of the law, LGBT relationships and “lifestyles” cannot be shown or even talked about for all ages. Further, LGBT relationships or topics are banned from advertising, film, books, media, and yes – video games.

A fine or even 15 days in prison could be imposed for “propaganda” under the law, and now it applies to all ages (via The Moscow Times). With the new law foreigners who break the law would also be deported from the country.

Organizations and companies can be fined (via Reuters) up to 5 million rubles (around $79,000) for spreading information or media on “non-traditional sexual relations”, as well as spreading info or media that “can make minors want to change their gender.”

Individuals could also be fined up to 400,000 rubles (around $6,600) and activists say public displays of affection between LGBT people – including kissing – will not be allowed. Some claim that adults-only gay bars or clubs would still be allowed to operate, though.

The original ban was originally established in 2013 by Putin and banned “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” for minors. The country’s push of new laws have been a rebuke of western countries effectively embargoing Russia, due to the ongoing Ukraine war.

More background on Russia’s attitude towards what they deem “non-traditional sexual relations”, until 1993 homosexuality was a crime in the country – until it was reclassified as a mental illness in 1999.

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