Rune Factory 5 wanted monster guide – how to rank up in SEED

Rune Factory 5

We prepped up a Rune Factory 5 wanted monster guide to cover one of the multiple new mechanics and gimmicks in-game. One of these is the ability to capture monster and also your “SEED Seal” which allows you to tame, temporarily ally with, and of course as is the point of this guide: deal with “Wanted Monsters”.

Wanted Monsters are rare monsters which spawn when you take a request from Livia in the SEED Outpost. While these may seem straightforward at first, with targets such as “Goblin Archer” or “Fairy”, Rune Factory 5 does a poor job of explaining what it is you have to do. Here’s our Rune Factory 5 wanted monster guide:

Rune Factory 5 wanted monster guide

Once you’ve accepted your request to hunt a Wanted Monster from Livia, you’ll have to start searching the area you’re told. For this example we’ll talk about the Fairy in “Central Phoros Woodlands”.

The Phoros Woodlands are the area east of Rigbarth and so we’ll want to search the center of that region. Now here’s the trick, you’re not looking for just ANY Fairy (for instance there’s a Fairy spawn in the southern part of the Woodlands, those don’t count). You’re looking for a hidden Fairy that’s special.

Wanted Monsters have these qualities

  • They don’t show up as red dots on the minimap like other enemies.
  • They don’t spawn from Gates like other enemies, they’re spawned in when you accept the request.
  • They’re surrounded by a red glow and have a square icon over their head.

Rune Factory 5

These monsters are purposefully hidden and spawn locations are the same for all players. The goal here is to find the monster, weaken it (I suggest magic because it’s easy to accidentally kill your target with crits if you’ve been grinding), and then ultimately hit ZL to start charging up your SEED Seal to capture it.

If you’re successful, the monster will be caged by the seal and you’ll see a “Success” as the monster disappears. Unlike capturing normal monsters, Wanted Monsters won’t fight with you and will just despawn once captured.

Once you’ve done this, all you need to do is return to Livia to collect your reward!

Wanted Monster requests are the main way to raise your rank in SEED and you’ll be rewarded with “Crests”, a new sort of equipment in the main menu which provides passive buffs.

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