Stellar Blade will be uncensored for all regions

Stellar Blade

Korean developer SHIFT UP has confirmed Stellar Blade will have “the same uncensored version” in all countries and regions, including the Japanese version.

News that Stellar Blade will be totally uncensored in all regions was also corroborated by Japanese outlets (4gamer, Game Watch, etc), and their official social media:

Stellar Blade is a new title developed by game creator Kim Hyung-tae, who has worked on Nikke and Destiny Child, as well as the head of SHIFT UP studio. The studio attracted praise online for the aesthetics of their female characters.

This work is an third-person action-adventure game, and the city develops by collecting the energy source called Hyper Cells on the field. The player takes on the role of Eve, a member of the 7th Airborne Corps, who descends on Earth, which is infested with unknown creatures called NA:tives, and throws himself into the battle to take back the planet. The player can also obtain various equipment, clothing, accessories, and other appearance-related items, and can also use points to unlock skills.

Stellar Blade is scheduled to release on April 26th for the PS5. A playable demo has been also been released, with the ability to save game data being available since March 29th.

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