Rumor: Nintendo Switch 2 to have 8 inch display

Nintendo Switch

While the possible Nintendo Switch successor is being kept tightly under wraps, market observers speculate that the “Switch 2” will have an 8 inch LCD display.

Market analyst Hiroshi Hayase from Omdia speculates that the Switch 2 will have an 8 inch display, making it noticeably larger than its original Switch and OLED counterparts. For reference, the original Switch is a 6.2 inch display, while the OLED is 7 inches. It may not sound like much since we’re still talking on a scale of inches, but that’s nearly 33% larger than the original Switch!

The anticipated LCD screen might seem like a step back from the OLED that fans are used to with newer model switches, but it could be an attempt to make the launch console a bit more affordable and smaller in scale in anticipation of a future Switch 2 OLED release.

Details about the Switch 2 are still few and far between but what we’ve heard has been impressive thus far. Most notably, a demo of the Switch 2 allegedly made an appearance at Gamescom last year and was running the Matrix Awakens tech demo.

Fans are hoping for actual Switch 2 confirmations this year, but we’ll have to wait for Nintendo to make the first move.



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