Nintendo showed off Switch 2 demos including Matrix Awakens during Gamescom

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While most news surrounding the still unannounced and unconfirmed Nintendo Switch 2 are rumors and/or speculation. The latest reports coming from Eurogamer and VGC indicate an announcement and even launch are coming sooner rather than later.

Both publications claim through sources that Nintendo showed off tech demos for the Switch 2 behind closed doors during Gamescom 2023, which occurred back between August 20th and the 22nd.

One notable claim made by a source was that one of the tech demos was that of Matrix Awakens. Which was initially created to showcase the power of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S through the use of the then new Unreal Engine 5.

While it’s clear that the system won’t match the power of its nonportable competitors, it was said to be running Nvidia’s DLSS upscaling and had ray tracing and visuals comparable to that of the PlayStation 5’s.

This is actually not the first time the Switch 2 having visual quality similar to that of the PS5’s has been mentioned. A major rumor popped up by the same person who leaked Persona 3 Reload ahead of launch where the leaker made the same exact claim.

While the idea on how powerful the Switch 2 is might be too farfetched for some to believe. It having DLSS and ray tracing support isn’t outlandish considering many believe Nintendo to use Nvidia’s SoC solution once more as they’ve already done with the current Switch.

However, despite the claims being made by sources close to multiple notable publications, these still constitute as rumor until anything official is announced by Nintendo. So take this information with a grain of salt.

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