Rumor: Microsoft is Planning Another Bethesda-Level Acquisition

Microsoft is Planning Another Bethesda-Level Acquisition

A new rumor is making the rounds that Microsoft is planning another Bethesda-level acquisition, leading many to speculate who their next big studio is going to be.

Previously, Microsoft acquired Bethesda in March 2021, while the deal to acquire Bethesda and parent company Zenimax Media was first announced back in September of last year. Fan reaction to the acquisition ranged from disbelief, excitement, and even some getting pissed.

Since then, Microsoft boss Phil Spencer has gone on to tease the potential of the new acquisition saying they are committed to still support Bethesda multiplatform releases but on a case by case basis.

The new rumor comes from various sources but seems to originate from YouTuber SkullziTV. “I am hearing some CRAZY RUMORS regarding another huge potential Microsoft acquisition,” SkullziTV said. “I don’t want to say any specifics as I don’t even know if all this is true yet, but damn.”

Normally we don’t write an entire article on what one YouTuber or “industry insider” on ResetEra claims, but the rumor was parroted by a lot of other personalities and reporters in the industry, like Tom Warren (The Verge), SnoopyG7, and even the head of Xbox social media who teased up a big recent meeting at the company that left him speechless.

SkullziTV wouldn’t name what company the rumor is focused on, but he did suggest the acquisition would be so huge that he’s predicting “a lot of internet lawyers debating monopoly laws at some point in the near future” over the whole thing, if it comes to fruition.

While all we have to go on is that Microsoft is planning another Bethesda-level acquisition, who could their next big acquisition be? Another rumor suggested the newly reformed Kojima Productions is seriously considering Microsoft as publisher for their next game. Maybe Electronic Arts, as their EA Play subscription has been a part of Xbox Game Pass for awhile now?

As with any rumor, take this with a heaping amount of salt and don’t fuss over it too much – but definitely sound off in the comments below on who you think Microsoft has their eyes set on next!



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