Rumor: Pikmin 4 release date allegedly leaked

Pikmin 4

Fans are wondering if the long awaited Pikmin 4 will finally release on the Nintendo Switch this May.

Not just May, but May 26 to be exact. The reason behing this new street date is from a Greek video game retailer listing with a speculative May 26 release date.

Although it was announced over five years ago, Nintendo made a statement late last year that Pikmin 4 would be releasing sometime in 2023.

The first Pikmin game released back in 2001 and stands in a genre all its own. Combining strategy, puzzle-solving, and action, Pikmin has players take on the role of Captain Olimar.

In the first game, Captain Olimar crashlands on a mysterious planet where he befriends native creatures he calls “Pikmin”.

These creatures have myriad abilities based on their type and their unique properties open new avenues for exploration.

At present, an official release date has yet to be announced for Pikmin 4 but keep your eyes open for new details in the coming weeks.



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