Rumor: 4Chan Leaked Pokémon News From Upcoming Friday Video


The imageboard 4chan is known for several infamous reasons, due to it’s free but chaotic nature (the website is extremely NSFW, so you have been warned). However, one of the reasons it’s known for is for being a place of origin of leaks for several games, both fake and true. This time it seems we’re getting the true variety of leaks, most specifically, Pokémon Sun & Moon leaks.

Earlier today, an anonymous user has been posting images of what appears to be screenshots of the upcoming Pokémon Company video, planned to be revealed this Friday. The screenshots confirms the already known Wishiwashi (Yowashi in Japan, revealed in a previous article), and reveals the Grass/Fairy-type Morelull and the Water-type Pyukumuku, a Pokémon with the odd ability to extrude and shape their own innards, using them as fists.

A new Alolan Pokémon variant is also revealed, the Alolan Raichu, with Electric/Psychic-type and the new ability Surge Surfer. (Update: Surge Surfer ability seems to double Alolan Raichu’s speed when Electric Terrain is present. This should make some electric mouse fans happy.)

How reliable are these leaks? Well, take it with a grain of salt like any unconfirmed leak, but the people at Serebii seems to partially trust them.



It seems the leaks at 4chan weren’t over yet. We now have screenshots of Team Skull in action. Guzma and Plumeria confirm what we knew from the Corocoro leaks, alongside Team Skull grunts look. Alola Marowak (Fire/Ghost) and Alola Meowth (Dark) also appears, hinting Meowth’s “official Team Skull” mascot status.

We can confirm the veracity of these leaks this Friday, when the new Pokémon video reveal comes out. You can also check the leaked screenshots on the gallery below.

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