RPG Maker WITH reveals first details and 2024 release


Publisher and developer Gotcha Gotcha Games has shared the first information for RPG Maker WITH, their newly announced Switch release in the series.

RPG Maker WITH is launching sometime in 2024 for Japan on Nintendo Switch, via the eShop and at retail.

Here’s a rundown on the new details:

RPG Maker series overview

The RPG Maker series has been developed since 1990 as a game construction tool that allows users to create games without programming.

The series has been known as “Tskool” until now, but the name has been unified worldwide and the series has been renamed to “RPG Maker” and the latest title will be released for Nintendo Switch.


The “RPG Maker” series has been developed for the PC in recent years, but the new “RPG MAKER WITH” is tuned for home use so that anyone can enjoy the game in a simple and lighthearted way.

With this software, anyone can become a game creator with just one Nintendo Switch.

This is a title that meets the needs of the “100 Million Creator Era.

About the new “Asset Sharing” feature

Game creation tends to be a solitary activity. In response to users’ comments that “it is difficult to create a single game all by yourself,” the new “Asset Sharing” feature allows users to create games together.

In the previous “RPG Maker” series, games could only be released when they were completed. In contrast, “RPG MAKER WITH” allows users to not only publish completed games over the network, but also to publish maps and events included in games in progress, part by part.

Users can also easily incorporate parts published by other users into their own games.

With the new “Asset Sharing” feature, game creation is now not just something you can create alone, but something you can create together with others.

About Included Materials and Additional Contents

The materials included in “RPG MAKER WITH” from the beginning are 128 characters and 130 monsters. Various variations and quantities are available.

In addition, “RPG MAKER WITH” plans to release many more materials as additional contents after its release.

We will prepare abundant materials so that you can enjoy game creation for a long time.

(Some) of the included characters and monsters

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