RPG Maker Festival 2023 kicks off today

RPG Maker Festival 2023 Thumbnail

Gotcha Gotcha Games has announced the second annual RPG Maker Festival for 2023.

The first RPG Maker Festival occurred last year in February 2022, and the company hopes to continue making this a wonderful event for fans of the RPG Maker engine.

This year’s event sees the most recent iteration of the engine, RPG Maker MZ, getting a 45% discount. Meanwhile the older, but still capable version, RPG Maker MV, is getting a whopping discount of 85% off.

There are also over 450 games participating in this event, with numerous discounts on many of the titles made with the engine.

Notable titles in this event include: The Witch’s House MV, To The Moon, and The Rising of the Shield Hero: Relive The Animation.

Gotcha Gotcha Games has also released a few additional tools along with this event. These include the RPG Maker 3D Character Converter Tool, PiXel ScaLer, and ARPG Plug-in Set for RPG Maker MZ.

Lastly, while RPG Maker Unite isn’t set to launch until later this Spring, you can check out their upcoming next generation engine coming to Steam as well.

The RPG Maker Festival 2023 will last all the way through to Feb 20, 2023 10:00 AM PST.



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