Romance anime maidens courtesy of Sankaku AI Companions

Sankaku AI Companions

Japanese news website Sankaku Complex recently released the beta version of its Sankaku AI Companions, allowing users to chat with AI bots that have the personalities of their favorite anime characters.

Users can create their own Sankaku Companion and fully write out their personality and background, which will affect how they speak with the user.

The AI bot companions will respond to anything the user says, and can even write out more adult remarks. Those not interested in such content can make their bot G-rated.

Users can make their own bots and share them with others, or keep them private for their own personal use. Currently, some of the companions that exist include Taiga Aisaka from Toradora!, Hatsune Miku, Touhou’s Hakurei Reimu, Cowboy Bebop’s Faye Valentine, and countless others.

The basic features of Sankaku Companions are free to use for a limited number of lines per day, and an infinite membership allows for unlimited interaction. The companion can also send the user AI-generated images, which can naturally be explicit.

A voice feature is also currently in the works. Sankaku AI companions can be accessed now.

Editor’s Note: Featured art via Murumuru



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