Attractive AI-generated model rakes in $11k a month


AI is once again being utilized for a vastly profitable purpose, as this time an AI-generated model is making $11K a month.

Aitana Lopez is a model made through an AI image generator and has a realistic style that makes her look similar to a real woman. The 25-year-old woman was created by Spanish designer Rubén Cruz, and she pulls in up to $10,900 a month.

Cruz provided the following reason for creating Aitana: “We did it so that we could make a better living and not be dependent on other people who have egos, who have manias, or who just want to make a lot of money by posing.”

Cruz is the founder of AI model agency “The Clueless”, and came up with the idea of making Aitana after suffering from issues working with real influencers.

The creator noted that people “follow lives, not images”, so him and his team try to “tell a story” with Aitana’s content by choosing what she decides to do or where she goes:

“A lot of thought has gone into Aitana. We created her based on what society likes most. We thought about the tastes, hobbies and niches that have been trending in recent years.”

Aitana’s persona consists of being a Barcelona-based fitness influencer and gamer, and she has an Instagram following of about 132,000, allowing her to charge up to $1,000 for advertisements.

Followers can also pay for adult images of Aitana via subscription-based platform Fanvue, which has several AI models.

Cruz even claimed that a real Latin American actor mistook her for a real woman, as he asked her out on a date.

A second model is now in the works as well named “Maia”, who is said to be a little more “shy”, and the company has recently been bombarded with tons of requests from brands for AI models, likely so they can avoid costs that more popular influencers tend to force.

Here’s another remark from Cruz:

“They want to have an image that is not a real person and that represents their brand values, so that there are no continuity problems if they have to fire someone or can no longer count on them.”

Such a turn of events shouldn’t be that surprising when you consider fictional characters indirectly make tons of money through fan-made adult doujinshi in Japan, as well as through lewd fan art and animations all over the world.

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