Rockstar Games acquires team behind GTA’s biggest roleplaying communities

Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games have announced a surprise acquisition with the news that are now a wholly owned part of the company.

For those not in the know, are best known as the team behind Grand Theft Auto’s and Red Dead Redemption’s biggest roleplaying communities.

The group got popular after they managed to create such popular mods their users have enjoyed for years. This acquisition appears to indicate Rockstar’s plans in regards to mod support for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI.

Whether this means that roleplaying will be built into the game, or that mod support will be even better compared to past entries is unknown at this time. However, the company states they’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks and months.

Chances are that Grand Theft Auto V will be seeing the fruits of this merger first, seeing as its planned sequel is still a long ways away.



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